Welcome to the MultiDark Database

CosmoSim released! The MultiDark database is fully integrated into our new CosmoSim database. More MDPL data and new simulations (e.g. BolshoiP) are only available there.
The MultiDark database provides results from cosmological simulations performed within the MultiDark project. This database can be queried by entering SQL statements directly into the Query Form. The access to that form and thus access to the public & private databases is password protected - if you haven't done so, please register first via the Registration Form.
More information on the simulations, the database, its design and the possibilities to access the data are described in the Documentation, where we also provide a little tutorial on SQL (SQL Step-by-Step) and some Frequently Asked Questions.

Access to the Query Form is password-protected - if you don't want to register, use the public user:
username: multidark_public
password: [none]
For gaining full access to all data in the database, registration via the Registration Form, also linked at the Registration page of the Documentation, is required.
[Contact] Contact
For any comments, suggestions, help requests, bug reports etc., please don't hesitate to contact us by filling out our Contact Form.

[Status] Status
The current status of the database and the web application is reported in the section Status. This is the place to look for any news related to the simulations and the database.

[Images and Movies] Images & Movies
We have collected some images (and now also the first movies!) related to the MultiDark simulations at Images & Movies. Feel free to use them for talks, posters or just enjoy them!
If you have have created a nice movie yourself, share it with other people! Just fill out the Contact Form and send us a short description, where to find the movie/picture, what it shows and which data and code was used to produce it. We will then consider adding it to this web page.
[Some papers] References
A collection of useful papers for further reference is given on this page. It also contains a growing list of articles using data from the MultiDark Database. Have a look to see how other people make use of the available data sets!
[Demo Video] Demo Video
For an easy start we created a little video on YouTube for you which demonstrates the basic usage of the web interface for accessing the MultiDark Database. Have a look at our section Demos&Tutorials or watch it directly on YouTube.